The aim of this conference is to bring together the physicists, the chemists, the electronic scientists, the industrial engineers from academics and the industries from Asian region as well as other parts of the world, to discuss and exchange information on the cutting–edge of electro ceramics and passive devices. The meeting will cover a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:

  1. Ferroelectrics, Pyroelectric and Piezoelectric Ceramics
i. Lead-free piezoelectrics
ii. Relaxor ceramics
iii. Multiferroic ceramics
iv. Transducers, actuators, MEMS, NEMS, SAW
v. Ferroelectric semiconducting and perovskite photovoltaic
vi. Domains and switching dynamics
vii. Device and applications
  1. Dielectric Ceramics for Electronic Devices
i. Multilayer electronic ceramics (MLCC, LTCC)
ii. NTC, PTC, and varistors
iii. Ceramic insulators
iv. Ceramic integration, packaging
v. Composite, multiphase, and nanostructured ceramics
  1. Microwave Ceramics and Tunable Ceramics
i. Microwave ceramic formulation
ii. Theory, modeling and design
  1. Magnetic, Semiconductive and Superconductive Ceramics
i. Ferrite ceramics
ii. Soft magnets , hard magnets
iii. High temperature superconductors
iv. Theory, modeling and design
  1. Optical Ceramics and Single Crystals
i. Electro-optical and photonic ceramics
ii. Transparent and translucent ceramics
iii. Theory, modeling and design
  1. Thin and Thick Films of Electronic Ceramics
i. Memory applications: high-k dielectrics, FeRAM, RRAM
ii. Theory, modeling and design
iii. Sensor applications :
  • Semiconducting electrochemical ceramic sensor
  • Humidity and chemical sensors
  • Piezoceramic sensors
  • Nanomaterials based sensors
  • Theory, modeling and design
  • Gas sensor
  1. Ceramics for Energy and Environment
ii. Battery
iii. Solar cells
iv. LED
v. Energy harvesting devices
vi. Supercapacitors

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  1. Functional Ceramics for Bio-Applications
i. Biosensor (Metal Oxide Electrode (IrO2), CNT, Graphene)
ii. Nanocomposites for controlled drug release, bio-labelling and diagnostic (silica,Iron oxide, Hydroxyapatite, Titanium oxide, Semiconductor quantum dots)
iii. Bioactive materials and tissue engineering scaffolds (Bio-glass, bioactive ceramics, bioactive composites, nano-biomaterials)
iv. Inorganic bioactive coating for medical implants